Top 5 Natural Places to Visit nearby Itahari

  • Taltalaiya

Taltalaiya is mainly recognized for its lakes, fun park, picnic spots and natural forests. It is located in Itahari, Sub-Metropolitan City, Sunsari, approximately 5 KM to north-east from Itahari bus park. Taltalaiya is spread in wards no. 2 and 3.

Parts of the park are confined by fences and you are required to get tickets to get in, where you can enjoy boating, visit fun park; however, you have to pay again to get inside fun park. Basically, the fun park is designed for kids.

Public vehicles are not available on this route, so you have to take safari or auto to reach there. If you have your own vehicle then it is just a 10 to 15 min of ride from Itahari chowk.

  • Hasina Simsar (Hasina Wetland)

Hasina Simsar is mainly recognized for its natural lakes, swamps, ponds, streams and a fun park. Also, you are allowed to fishing in those lakes, which is absolutely amazing. However, Hasina Simsar lies in Sundarharaincha Municipality of Morang district but it is close to Itahari, Sunsari, 7 KM north – east from Itahari chowk.

I found Hasina Simsar is rich in biodiversity. Inside park, you will find various statues of animals and birds like snakes, dinosaurs, chimpanzee etc. Similarly, there is small zoo at the entrance, where you can witness a couple of animals. There are various small stands, where you can sit, rest and enjoy the views. Others fascinating things are religious monuments, for instance Shivalaya Temple, Buddha Pokhari, Budhha Bihar, Nag Pokhari etc.

You are required pay NPR. 25 per person for a ticket to enter, and if you have a motorcycle then extra 10 rupees per bike is required.

Sadly, there are no public vehicles on this route, so you need to take your own vehicle or safari or auto to reach this place. It is just 6 KM North from Bansbari Chowk of Sundar Haraincha. Hasina Wetland and Taltalaiya are just a couple of kms apart.

  • Rasa Tal

Rasa Tal, previously known as 64 bigha is very famous for a perfect picnic spot. It is located in Ward No. 6 of Ramdhuni Municipality, Baklauri. It is also can be recognized for a big and beautiful lake surrounded by Sal trees.

A beautiful lake where you can enjoy boating is a man attraction for tourists. There are small cottages where you can rest and enjoy with your friends and families. You can bring your foods, snacks and drinks with you to accompany your visit. Mainly, people from Dharan and Itahari visit this place.

It is approximately 12 km north-west from Itahari chowk. The easiest and shortest route to rich this place is from Tarahara, Itahari, 4 km from Tarahara. No public vehicles are available, so you have to rely on your own vehicle, safari or auto.

  • Shankarbeli Simsar Area

Shankarbeli Tal, previously known as 72 Bigha is also located in Ward No. 6 of Ramdhuni Municipality, Sunsari; however, it is also one of the convenient places to visit from Itahari. Shankarbeli is popularly known for a huge area of wetted lands, ponds and greenery. There is water and electricity facilities inside the park, so it is a perfect place for a picnic too. Tourists are allowed to take their own foods.

This place is approximately 10 KM north – west of Itahari and it takes around 30 min to reach by a motorcycle. Do not take safari, as it is quite far but you can take auto.

  • Judi Simsar

Judi Simsar is quite a new place in the list as many locals may not have heard of it yet but this is a beautiful place to explore. It is also located in Ramdhuni municipality, ward no. 6, which is approximately 7 KM north – west of Itahari.

There is a big pond in the middle surrounded by trees, sounds of various birds make the place so pleasant and peaceful. It is naturally a beast place but area wise it is very small, so 30 minutes is enough to explore the beauty of this place. However, you can sit and enjoy the nature as long as you want.

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