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Top 5 Natural Places to Visit nearby Itahari

Taltalaiya Taltalaiya is mainly recognized for its lakes, fun park, picnic spots and natural forests. It is located in Itahari, Sub-Metropolitan City, Sunsari, approximately 5 KM to north-east from Itahari b...

Itahari to Gaighat to Katari to Sindhuli Road
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Itahari to Kathmandu New Route Open Via Purbi Madhya Pahadi Lokmarga

Itahari to Bhiman (Sindhuli) Nepal is a landlocked country, so we have to heavily rely on land routes. Furthermore, constructing roads across the different parts of the nation is very difficult due to numero...

Jefale Tower
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Ride to Jefale Tower, Jefale, Kerabari

Jefale is not a new destination if you live around Dhankuta, Sunsari and Morang, as it lies in Kerabari Gaupalika of Morang district. Here, we try to give a brief about Jefale and a route to reach this place.(V...

Shree Antu Ilam
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Visit Shree Antu Ilam, Homestay of East Nepal

Shree Antu lies in a beautiful district Ilam. When we think of Shree Antu, we often attach a word, homestay too, as it is one of the fantastic places to stay overnight. You can have spectacular views of the sur...

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Visit Sandakpur, Ilam, Nepal – Travel Routes and Expenses

After years of planning, finally, we planned to visit Sandakpur. Not only Sandakpur Rural Municipality but the peak of Sandakpur, which is located at the altitude of 3,636 meters. Sandakpur rural municipality i...

Temke Dada in Drone View
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Ride to Temke, Bhojpur

I can remember that the first time I had gone to visit Temke was about 20 years ago while I was reading at class 7 or 8 (as I can’t recall exactly), when I was in my village Ratanchha (Now Sakela Gaupalika). Th...

Gupha Pokhari in Drone Photo
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Gupha Pokhari, Sankhuwasabha Moto-Travel-Blog by Eastrider Kiran

Gupha Pokhari, I know this name is not a new name to many of us. Many of us know Gupha Pokhari as a beautiful destination to visit but it is not that much easier to reach there because of extreme roads. This ar...

Visit Khudi
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Visit Khudi (Kuinetar), Madhumalla of East Nepal

Khudi is a beautiful place located in Madhumalla, Morang district, which is a few kilometers North-east to Urlabari and Damak. Madhumalla is not a new name in Eastern Nepal, as it has a very long history. Madhu...

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Visit Koshi Riverbank – Chakraghatti, Sunsari

I just love to write about where I travel even though there are hardly few people to read it. In today’s blog, I am going to summarize my ride in words and I hope that you will be going to like it. If not, here...


Top 5 Places to Ride Motorcycle nearby Dharan And Itahari in Lockdown

We all know that we are having a very difficult period due to covid-19. However, our country, Nepal is easing of lockdown gradually, but still we have to maintain the best safety measures possible. During this ...

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