Hero Xpulse 200 4v

१ बर्षको राइडिङ्ग अनुभब हिरो एक्स्पल्स २०० ४ भी को

बाइक यस्तो होस् र यतिको आरामदायी होस् कि समय बितेको पत्तै नहोस। मेरो १ बर्षको अनुभव हिरो एक्स्पल्स २०० ४ भी मा यस्तै रह्यो। पहिलो कुरो बाइक कतिपय एडभेन्चर टुरर बाइकहरु भन्दा हलुका छ, यसको १५८ के जी को तौल र ८२५...


Eastrider Kiran’s List of Vlogging/Motovlogging Equipment

Whenever we talk about vlogging, we often come across with a question that what sorts of gadgets are required? The answer is depending upon the contents that someone produces the type of gadgets (vlogging equip...

Riding alone in Nepal

Riding alone – Nepal

Seldom I write because most of the time I am busy with my work. What do I do? Well, I work as a full-time counsellor and a part-time youtuber. Even though I say I am a part-time youtuber, but I keep uploading v...

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