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Seldom I write because most of the time I am busy with my work. What do I do? Well, I work as a full-time counsellor and a part-time youtuber. Even though I say I am a part-time youtuber, but I keep uploading videos regularly. If you have been following me in YouTube, then you know that I upload videos daily or at least 4 to 5 videos weekly. Many of you may have been wondering how can I get time to make videos so frequently? Well, it is my passion, so when you do such things, which you really enjoy doing, then I think it will be very productive. Okay, if it is so, what sort of YouTube contents do I make? That is the interesting question, which I am going to deal with in this blog.

Even before starting the main topic, I would like to take a joy of writing blogs. What makes me so fascinating about writing blogs? Obviously, its freedom. Like now, I am not directly jumping into the topic. If it was an article or a journal, I would have to follow a certain writing patterns not being biased from the topic. However, a blog is totally different, it is fun to write and to read as well. Okay, that’s enough, now, let’s jump into the topic. And, today I am going to talk a little about my YouTube contents and why I make such contents.  

I love to ride motorcycles. Motorcycle is awesome when you know how to ride it properly and use it for long rides. By now, you may have already guessed that what sorts of YouTube contents do I make? Yes, I make Motovlogs. Motovlogging means recording videos while riding motorcycles on roads. However, it does not mean that we ride motorcycles randomly just to make videos, as we ride for purpose, to travel, for fun, for awareness and for passion.

If it was to travel only, most probably, I wouldn’t be traveling. The main reason for traveling comes to riding. I get to ride my motorcycle. Although I ride a motorcycle daily for going office and gym, but I never get the kind of joy when I go for a long ride. And, this is where I get asked why I do ride alone.

Well, I love to go for long rides in my bike, and so far, I have already had managed to ride a couple of long rides that include two days to a week of continuous ride. Co-incidentally, I accomplished those all rides alone. Furthermore, I have done many one-day solo rides. In many occasions, I have also tried to organize to ride in groups or have invited other riders to join me, unfortunately, due to everyone’s own problem, many times they cancel the plan. On the other hand, I also do not wait them and their comfortable deadlines. In Nepal, we most of the riders are from a middle-class family, so many riders between the age of 24 and above are involved in work. Similarly, most of us do not have our own or family businesses so that we could manage time to get a few days off from work for riding. Consequently, we hardly get one day off in a week, so many of them choose to spend this precious day off with their family at home or visit nearest beautiful places with them. I wish Nepal Government made 5 working days in a week instead of 6 days that would definitely help for boosting Nepalese local tourism industries. Despite these all, I often manage to get time for long rides, where I do not have any option rather than riding alone.

As I said earlier, it is an obligation of every Nepalese youth to get in work immediately after completion of study to earn money in order to support family. Once they start to work, it is almost impossible to get days off for ride, as they have money but they do not have time. Whereas there are other people, one student studying in a college or dropout, obviously, these riders may have time but budget can be a big issue for them to go for such expensive rides. In addition, touring on a motorcycle is quite expensive due to requirements of a heavy investment on the motorcycle and its touring kits, bags, and riding safety gears. Similarly, bike maintenance, petrol, foods and accommodation costs are also not cheap in Nepal. However, there are a handful of people, who own businesses and they are rich, but sadly enough, they tend to drive cars instead of choosing to ride a motorcycle. I do not mean to say that rich people drive cars only, as some of them ride motorcycles too, but they may not prefer to tour on it for days. Also, I am afraid that I do not have such rich friends and riding circle.

Lastly, even though I keep riding and uploading videos, but I also have to manage time precisely. But it is true that I am so much emotionally attached with motorcycles. If you want to know how beautiful these machines are, you must take them on a ride. When you go for a ride, I bet you that you forget your pain and sorrow. The speed gives you the strength to forget the miserable past. The vibration coming from the motorcycle touches your heart and then slowly please your soul. Imagine how beautiful that moment would be when you found yourself surrounded by beautiful scenery. Nature is our best friend, which never betrays you. Therefore, I ride alone.

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