Eastrider Kiran’s List of Vlogging/Motovlogging Equipment

Whenever we talk about vlogging, we often come across with a question that what sorts of gadgets are required? The answer is depending upon the contents that someone produces the type of gadgets (vlogging equipment) may differ. However, there are some basic requirements, without which, we cannot make video contents. In this blog, I just want to share my vlogging and motovlogging equipment to you.

Primary Vlogging Camera: – Canon EOS M50 (Mirrorless)
Lenses: – Kit lens 15-45 mm
Secondary Vlogging Camera: – Oppo F9 (Mobile’s Camera)
Microphone: – Boya BY – MM1 Cardioid Microphone
Tripod: – Gorilla Tripod (11 inch)

Action Camera
Primary Action Camera: – Go Pro Hero 7 Black
Microphone: – Go Pro Hero 5/6/7 Adapter + Boya BY – M1 Omni Directional Lavalier Microphone
Secondary Action Camera: – Sjcam Sj7Star

Drone: – DJI Spark Fly More Combo

Tripod: – Zomei (5ft. Long)

Editing Software: – Final Cut Pro X

Laptop: – MacBook Pro 13”

Motorcycles: – Yamaha Fz25 (2017), Himalayan Royal Enfield (2017)

I hope it will be helpful to someone who is seeking to know what sorts of gadgets and equipment a simple vlogger/motovlogger uses.

Eastrider Kiran
Nepali Content Creator/Vlogger/Motovlogger

4 thoughts on “Eastrider Kiran’s List of Vlogging/Motovlogging Equipment”

  1. Thank you so much daju….for wonderful sujection…..
    For secondary vlog simple weapons… how mucha cost is needed…..?

    1. If you already have a device/camera, then you may require just a gorilla tripod that costs are around NPR. 500 to NPR. 1,500 depending upon the size. Furthermore, if you want to use some microphone to enhance voice quality, then that costs you around NPR. 1,000 to NPR. 8,000 depending upon the brand and quality. So, you can easily figure out the cost.
      Thank You.

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