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What happened to hacked MRB Vlog channel?

It has been more than a month that one of the finest Nepali motovlogger’s YouTube channel (MRB Vlog) was hacked. Sadly! It is not returned yet to its original owner (creator) by YouTube. Let’s dig a little bit deep into his profile and case.

He is the one of the most lovable motovloggers of Nepal and a winner of the most popular rider award of Pulsar Dare Venture (season 3), and his name is Bibid Jung Thapa but widely popular by the YouTube name MRB Vlog. MRB means the Myagdi Rider Bibid, as he belongs to a beautiful place, Myagdi.

His YouTube career is so fascinating and he has already crossed 100,000 subscribers in YouTube, so currently, he is waiting for his Silver Play button but his dream gets shattered by an incident, where he loses control over his own YouTube channel (MRB Vlog). His YouTube channel got hacked in a similar fashion to that of Nepali popular YouTuber Chetanvlogs and a motovlogger NBB vlogs. However, both the channels, Chetanvlogs and NBB vlogs were returned safely in about a week by YouTube support team. In contrast, Bibid’s MRV vlog has not been returned yet, and a communication between the owner (Bibid) and YouTube is continuing.

Moreover, he has recently started a new channel, MRB vlogs new that you can search and follow him again in YouTube. The new channel also getting very popular and it has already gained more than 35,000 of subscribers in about a month.

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