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Ride to Temke, Bhojpur

I can remember that the first time I had gone to visit Temke was about 20 years ago while I was reading at class 7 or 8 (as I can’t recall exactly), when I was in my village Ratanchha (Now Sakela Gaupalika). There were no vehicles at that time, as we walked to visit this beautiful heavenly place, which is situated in Between Bhojpur and Khotang district. Now, it lies in Tyamkemaiyum Gaupalika. Nothing has changed then and now; however, a road has been constructed from Chakhewa Bhanjyang to Temke, so you do not require to walk along the top, but I would strongly recommend hiking to the top rather than riding your bike. The road from Chakhewa Bhanjyang to Temke is totally off-road that takes around 30 min to 45 min in a motorcycle. From the top you can have an amazing view of various mountains such as 6 mountains above 8,000 meters and many mountains’ ranges. It is located at the altitude of 3,100 meters from the sea level. (Full Video:

Temke Dada Drone Shot

Alright, you may be wondering how to reach at this beautiful place? There are many ways to reach at this place, as it is touched by middle east lok marga. However, the best and the most comfortable way to reach Temke by road is from Dharan to Dhankuta to Bhojpur to Chakhewa to Temke. Roads are very good, apart from some water crossings. All sorts of bikes are very comfortable up to Chakhewa Bhanjyang; If you have cruiser bikes or scooters, it is better to keep the bike in Chakhewa and hike to Temke. Talking about time, well it depends on riders, as how fast you ride. In average, it takes about 8 to 9 hours from Dharan to reach Temke.

Dharan to Dhankuta to Bhojpur to Chakhewa to Temke
Time: 8 to 9 hours

Talking about hotels, if you have enough time to reach Chakhewa, please reach up to there, as you get some good homestays and hotels. The next day in the morning, you can head to Temke, as you will also get a chance to witness a beautiful sunshine. It takes just 45 min roughly to reach the top from Chakhewa. If you go by walking then it might take up to 2 hours. I did not stay on homestays in my last ride to Temke so I do not have any idea about the cost of homestays; however, I stayed in a hotel, where I was served with beautiful Nepali Khana (veg) that cost NPR. 100 and a one bed small room for NPR. 150 for a night. In overall, it is very cheap as compared to Western Nepal.

I hope this little piece of information will be quite helpful for you. If you would like to follow us in video, you can click in the link below and follow us in YouTube:

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