Top 5 Places to Ride Motorcycle nearby Dharan And Itahari in Lockdown

We all know that we are having a very difficult period due to covid-19. However, our country, Nepal is easing of lockdown gradually, but still we have to maintain the best safety measures possible. During this lockdown, in most of the cases, we are not allowed to travel another district freely, and we shouldn’t travel too, unless it is important, hence our destinations for riding motorcycles comes to a limit. Don’t worry! There are still some beautiful places around Dharan and Itahari for short rides.

  1. Bhedetar, Dhankuta
    Even though we are not allowed to cross beyond Bhedetar bazzar unless if we have a valid pass, still we can take a joy of ride from Dharan to Bhedetar. We have to ride around 21 km uphill to reach Bhedetar from Dharan. The best attractions are beautiful weather that keeps changing in every 10 minute, beautiful wavy road that provides ultimate fun of riding your motorcycle, and an amazing view of Tarai including the biggest river of Nepal, Koshi. Talking about riding skills, you should have a good amount of skills as it requires frequent shifting of gears. The pitch road provides enough grip on your tyres, but in rainy seasons, further attention at the road surface is required due to presence of potholes.
  2. Chinde Dada, Bishnupaduka
    Chinde Dada is located at Bishnupaduka (previously Bishnupaduka VDC and now merged with Dharan) around 5km northwest part of Dharan. It is the one of the mostly preferred destinations for hiking, from where, we can have a wonderful view of Dharan and Koshi river. However, I would prefer to go there by motorcycles because we get more than Chinde Dada to explore in that region. We can find three different places to visit over there: first, Chinde Dada itself, second, Bishnupaduka Temple and third, British Gurkha Memorial Park. To reach Chinde Dada and ride around Bishnupaduka, we have to ride in off-roads, so we should have quite a good riding skill.
    Note: – Landslides are frequent in rainy season.
  3. Shiva-Jatta
    Honestly speaking, Shiva jatta is another famous place for hiking in Dharan, where we can take a full joy of off-road ride too. This is located in a distance of roughly 18 km from Dharan. If we go by motorcycles, there is no ride route up to Shiva Jatta, as we have to park our motorcycles 2 km away down at the bank of the stream, and then walk to the Shiva Jatta temple. Beautiful nature, clean stream, Shiva temple and a small waterfall are the main attraction. The roads are fully off-road, and you should be prepared to walk around 2 km to reach the destination, so flexible trousers and hiking/sports shoes are preferred.
    Note: – during rainy season, landslides are frequent
  4. Koshi Barrage/Koshi Tappu
    Koshi Barrage (Koshi bridge) that connects Saptari and Koshi zone. It is located at around 60 km away from Dharan to the west, east – west highway. Generally speaking, I also love to ride to Koshi barrage because of its long-stretched raods and free of heavy traffic. Moreover, we get a chance to ride in higher speed in this road. Main attractions: you can enjoy the view of Koshi (the biggest river of Nepal), 1958 – 1962 built 56 doors big Koshi bridge. This river is the home for Gangetic Dolphin and other different species of fresh water fishes. Siberian birds can be seen there easily during the month of August-October.
    Note: – Due to Covid – 19 pandemic, visitors are not allowed to enter Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve at this time.
  5. Chatara Koshi Bridge,  Barahakshetra
    Chatara is located in a distance of around 30 km west towards Udayapur from Dharan. Chatara lies in Barahakshetra Municipality, which is greatly popular for Barahakshetra, a famous pilgrimage site. You can enjoy the view of long-stretched Koshi in one side and clogged between two big hills (one side: Sunsari and another side: Udayapur) in other side. Apart from rainy season, you can enjoy a jet boat ride too, that takes you from Koshi Bridge to Simle of Bhojpur. A motor road has been constructed to reach Barahakshetra from Koshi Bridge but it is dangerous to ride in rainy seasons due to the possibility of landslides and floods.  

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