Three important skills you should learn during lockdown

We all know that the world has been very competitive, and everyone is working so hard to be ahead of their competitors. Every second is important for us in our career building phase, so we have to utilize it properly doing something that adds value in building up our career. Unprecedentedly, the covid-19 has affected millions of populations around the world, and we are currently locked down at our own home. Activities in many sectors have slowed down to almost nil, for example in financial, manufacturing, aviation, hospitality and tourism, markets, shops, service, education and training. It has been more than three months that we are not going to office or job because of this pandemic, and sadly, we do not even know when our normal life will be back again. However, one thing is certain that lives even after lockdown will not be as much easier as it used to be. There will be fewer jobs, opportunities and more competition. Since it is very important to utilize your free time in updating your skills and keep yourself in a commanding position, I am sharing you the top 3 important things you must learn to enhance your existing skills during this lockdown.

  1. Take online communication/language skills courses: –
    There are hundreds of free online short courses on communication and English language skills, which you can study in your spare time. Communication is very important to everyone and in every sector of businesses. An excellent communicator can really drive your business to the next level. There are many types of communication, for example communication for business, communication for students to prepare university, communication for travel etc. Similarly, when we talk about language, obviously, it is an English language which is the most commonly spoken and written all around the world. If you are a student, definitely, you are required to have a good English and communication skills. For example, if you are a student, you might be required to participate frequently in a class group discussion and presentation, and if you have good communication skills, you can do really well in it. The same thing is applied to other areas such as business, work and teaching. Recently, we have been focusing more on practical, discussion and presentation-oriented learning approaches, which require better communication and English language skills. Therefore, this is the perfect time that you can improve your communication and English language staying at home. For example, coursera, edX, futurelearn etc. are some of the best places where you can learn it online for free.
  2. Customer Services Related Courses: –
    Customer service is an essential skill that is required in every sector: a small scale companies to medium and large, as it is  an ornament to the companies that drives the sales and reputation up for the companies. Furthermore, service industries are booming nowadays, so there will be higher opportunities for someone who wants to build career in those sectors. Therefore, it is a perfect time for you to gain some skills about customer service. There are many courses available in edX, coursera, futurelearn, udemy etc.
  3. Social media/digital marketing courses: –
    There is no doubt that the social media and digital marketing have been a hot topic throughout this lockdown period. There are many digital marketing companies that are helping their clients to get most of online/digital platforms. We know how to use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube, and these are the social media. But, very few of us know how to use effectively these platforms to promote our products and services. These social media are the best ways to communicate directly with your clients and potential clients, and they have been considered the most effective means of marketing. So, it is the best time for you to understand in-depth about it. There are many free small courses in edX, futurelearn, coursera, udemy etc.

In this blog, I have shared 3 things that you should do in lockdown; however, you shouldn’t limit it to lockdown, as you can learn these whenever you get time. Good Luck!

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