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Visit Khudi (Kuinetar), Madhumalla of East Nepal

Khudi is a beautiful place located in Madhumalla, Morang district, which is a few kilometers North-east to Urlabari and Damak. Madhumalla is not a new name in Eastern Nepal, as it has a very long history. Madhumalla was very famous to our grandfather’s time, when they used to come here from places like Khotang, Bhojpur and Diktel decades ago. However, it lost its charm when East West Highway got built, and cities like Damak and Birtamod got opportunities to proliferate due to its direct connection to the highway. Hopefully, introduction of Khudi as a tourist destination may bring a charm to Mudhumalla again. (Full travel ride vlog:

Khudi in Drone View:

First of all, let’s talk about its location and how we get there? Well, we started our motorcycle ride at 7:30 am in the morning from Itahari. It is a very straightforward route in Motorcycles or cars: Itahari to Urlabari to Madhumalla to Khudi. Itahari to Urlabari is 37 km apart that takes approximately 45 minutes in a motorcycle. Urlabari is a city and municipality, that lies in Morang district. We should follow the Madhumalla Road north from Urlabari chowk (roundabut). Madhumalla lies just in 9 km apart north-east from Urlabari that takes around 20 min of ride due to inclusion of some gravel roads. Khudi bridge, main attraction of Khudi is not far away from Madhumall (8 km), as it is another 20 min of ride from Madhumalla Bazzar. In average, Itahari to Khudi is approximately a 55 km of ride in a motorcycle that takes roughly 1.5 hours.

After reading this, you may be wondering that what the best ways to reach Khudi are. Well, you can take your motorcycle, scooter or even a car to reach Khudi (Khudi bridge), as the roads are quite good and do not have off-roads; however, it mostly depends on which time you go there.

Khudi Bridge
Khudi Jharana

The most important thing is what are the major attractions of Khudi? A small stream, Nunsari Khola coming through the middle of the two hills, a suspension bridge, and a small waterfall, as the place is very suitable for picnics too. Furthermore, you can hike to Chuli Pokhari, which is another beautiful place located 1.5 hours uphil from Khudi. Khudi is located at the bottom of big hills around the corner of Madhumalla, where you can spend your weekend or an evening with your friends.

Talking about restaurants and foods, there are some restaurants that serve snacks well. But, this place is on the process of rising, so don’t expect fancy restaurants and food items. In our visit, we witnessed some builidings are under constructions, so hopefully in future, we will be able to stay overnight.

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