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Visit Koshi Riverbank – Chakraghatti, Sunsari

I just love to write about where I travel even though there are hardly few people to read it. In today’s blog, I am going to summarize my ride in words and I hope that you will be going to like it. If not, here is the link that directly takes you to the video.

Koshi riverbank – Chakraghatti, Sunsari

This is a ride to a place, Chakraghatti – Koshi Riverbank from Itahari. In my entire life, only one thing has always motivated to wake up early in the morning and i.e., a motorcycle ride. Even before a ride starts, I have always an assumption in my mind taking a place as what it looks like, roads and my preparation, so it is always a hectic schedule prior the ride starts. Well, I am being more philosophical here, which I do not want to be, so let’s jump directly into the information: routes, places, distance and attractions.

Even though it is slow but at least roads are building, so we are being able to ride to different places. Similarly, it does not take a long to reach our destination, thank you to newly built road, Pakali to Nadaha.  So, here is the route: Itahari to Pakali to Nadaha to Bange to Koshi River, roughly around 30 km of ride west of Itahari. Both Itahari and Chakraghatti (Baraha Municipality) lie in the same district, Sunsari; therefore, travelling to Baraha Municipality from Itahari will not be troublesome even in lockdown, where intra-district travelling has been allowed (at the time of writing).

We are pretty much familiar about East West Highway, but once you take south from Pakali, you will have a significantly different feeling as the road runs through a middle of the big plots of agricultural lands. It is a long-stretched road that leads to Chatara Koshi Bridge. While riding on the road, a view of hilly region of Udayapur across the Koshi River looks stunning. This road takes us straight to Nadaha, from where; we take a gravel road to Bange, Chakraghatti. There are many side roads in Bange Chakraghatti that every small road is connected to Koshi Riverbank, where the real deal happens. What can we expect in Koshi (Chakraghatti)? Mainly, I love the long pitched road that runs along the bank of Koshi from Koshi Barrage to Chatara. To be honest, riding on this road gives another level of feelings. A silently flowing river, Koshi, the biggest river of Nepal, where we can spot fishermen boating and fishing around in distributaries. We can see wildlife a couple of kilometers down from Chakraghatti Koshi riverbank. However, we can see herds of domestic animals such as buffaloes, goats, etc. on the riverbank. Moreover, we can also take a boat ride to reach the island formed in between tributary and distributaries of the river. It is truly a peaceful place to be alone or with friends and families.

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