Where to buy an Action Camera/Go Pro Online in Nepal – MyStoreNepal, Oliz Store and Daraz Nepal

Are you looking for buying an Action Camera? But you are living outside of Kathmandu and you do not have any shops in your town that sell action cameras. Well, I also live in outside of Kathmandu and I am a motovlogger, so many people, let’s say perspective motovloggers or action camera users ask me these questions, “where did you buy an action camera/Go Pro? Or can you tell me where can I buy it in my town, Biratnagar, Dharan, Itahari etc.?” Let’s be honest, there are no shops or authorised dealers in Eastern Nepal yet that sells action cameras, so it is better to stop wasting your time searching. Instead of that, go over online and order your budget action camera. But, you may have quite worried about taking the authenticity of those online shops. Do not worry, in this article, I am going to share the top 3 online shops that you can totally rely on for buying an action camera such as Go Pro, Sjcam, Eken and other action cameras.

•          My Store Nepal:

Basically, My Store Nepal is an authorized seller of Sjcam. It is  the one of the renowned brands. Sjcam has a wider range of models from a lower price to higher price. Actually, Sjcam has the stock of all products unlike Go Pro, in Go Pro, new model replaces the old model, so it is hard to find new branded lower range of Go Pros in the market. My Store Nepal is very trustworthy online seller that you can order online and they deliver all over the Nepal.  You can visit their website and see their wider range of action cameras,

•          Oliz Store:

Oliz Store is another reliable shop. Generally, they sell Go Pro and Dji barnds of action cameras. If you are looking for buying a Go Pro online and quite worried about the authenticity of online shops, then I would strongly recommend contacting Oliz Store. You can visit their website for product details,

•          Daraz Nepal:

It is the one of the top online shopping platform in Nepal, where we can get thousands of products. However, Daraz is different than others, as it does not have its own store and work as an intermediate between a seller and a buyer, so sometimes, a seller might send you a wrong product and it takes quite a long to return and get the correct product. On the other hand, you can get many shops in a single platform, so it will be much easier for you to search and find the desired product in the same place. If you are looking for action cameras other than Go Pro and Sjcam brand, then I would highly recommend you to visit Daraz as it has many types of action cameras price ranging from as below as NPR. 1,000.

I hope this article may have resolved some of your queries regarding where and how to buy an action camera.

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