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Ride to Jefale Tower, Jefale, Kerabari

Jefale is not a new destination if you live around Dhankuta, Sunsari and Morang, as it lies in Kerabari Gaupalika of Morang district. Here, we try to give a brief about Jefale and a route to reach this place.
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Jefale Tower – Drone Shot

What we get in Jefale is one thing but it is still one of the least explored places of Eastern Nepal despite Jefale is a beautiful place that consists of small village, typical village life and a beautiful tower, from where we can envisage 16 districts from the top. Furthermore, you can visit other beautiful places near to Jefale, for example there is a temple that you can spare some free time for it too. Similarly, Jefale provides Homestays facilities.

Jefale Tower

The main reason for it being unexplored by many local tourists is that it is located quite far from towns such as Itahari, Biratnagar, Dharan and Damak. These cities are highly dense, as most of tourists locally come from these towns. 

Moreover, Jefale is quite popular for hiking, and for motorcycle and bicycles ridings, as it is located quite far (2 hours in motorcycles) from Itahari via Khursane, Kerabari route. You can make a circle, as most of our ride we organize or start from Itahari, so Itahari to Khursane to Kerabari to Jefale to Rajarani to Dharan to Itahari; however, to be honest, it takes a whole day to make this ride. Therefore, you have to plan accordingly.

Talking about routes, if you start from Itahari, go to straight Khursane (Morang), then take a left to Kerabari. Khursane to Kerabari road is amazing as it is fully and newly pitched. Once you reach Kerabari and then when you cross it, then a real ride starts from there, as the roads are completely gravel and off. From there, Kerabari, it takes approximately 1.5 hours of continuous off-road ride to reach a small yet beautiful village, Jefale.

By now you may have already felt hungry, so it is better to take a lunch, snacks etc. over there in Jefale bazzar. Then 200 meters further ahead, you will find a gate towards Jefale tower. It’s a continuous 25 minutes of walking to reach at the top of the Jefale tower. From the top, you can have a spectacular view of nearby hills, furthermore, you can have view of 16 districts from there in a very clear day.

Nowadays, bikes can reach up to the top from the other side of tower, so if you are not fond of walking those 1000s steps, then better to go from other side and take your bike to the top with you.

While returning, you can return the same route, as if you do so, you can return to Itahari in 2 to 3 hours. But I strongly suggest you to go towards Dhankuta, Bhedetar. From there, you will be riding towards Bhedetar being the top of many villages, one of the major tourists attracted places you will be passing through is Rajarani of Dhankuta. You can stop at Rajarani and enjoy boating in Rajarani lake too. From Jefale to Bhedetar, it takes approximately 2 hours in a motorcycle but it heavily depends on your riding skills and speed.

After arriving at Bhedetar, you can chill with some hot thukpa soups, coffees etc., then roll back to Dharan, Itahari.

In overall, it is a 6 to 8 hours of amazing off-road (almost 80%) ride. Roads are pretty off so as of today’s date, please do not take cars unless it is a four-wheeler; however, you can take small cc of bikes and scooters very easily. I would suggest you to ride in groups, at least not solo.

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