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Itahari to Kathmandu New Route Open Via Purbi Madhya Pahadi Lokmarga

Itahari to Bhiman (Sindhuli)

Nepal is a landlocked country, so we have to heavily rely on land routes. Furthermore, constructing roads across the different parts of the nation is very difficult due to numerous hills and Himalayas ranges. Hence, to reach from one place to another place, we often have to rely on only one route. However, this will be a story in the past, as construction of alternatives shortcut routes have been a major priority of the Government. Construction of Itahari to Bhiman, Kamalamai, Sindhuli via Gaighat, Katari, Dudhauli is a result of this; as of April 2021, 95% of the road’s construction have finished and now it is open for vehicles. (Video link:

Gaighat – Katari – Sindhuli Purbi Madhya Pahadi Lokmarga

I often back and forth Kathmandu and Itahari in a motorcycle. A frequently used route is the east – west highway (Itahari to Bardibas) and BP highway (Bardibas to Dhulikhel via Sindhuli). Itahari to Bhiman of Sindhuli is approximately 194 km, which takes around 4 hrs of continuous ride. There is another alternative route (Purbi Madhya Lokpahadi Marga), which has been built recently. So, let me share my first experience of riding through Madhya pahadi lokmarga.

Gaighat to Katari newly built road

Here, the alternative route to reach Bhiman, Kamalamai starts from Itahari, as I belong to Itahari: Itahari (Sunsari) to Koshibridge Chatara to Beltar to Gaighat to Katari to Dudhauli to Bhiman. Basically, we ride through being pedestals of Chure hills and Charkoshe Jhadi. What I love the most was the newly paved road, amazing to ride. In addition, we get to witness plenty of beautiful scenery of villages, fortests and hills. Everything you come across on this road resembles a beautiful gift of nature, as you don’t get a chance to feel bore and sleepy on this road. When I started my ride early at 4 AM in the morning, I was totally unfamiliar and unknown of this road as it was my first time, so I started my ride quie early in the morning thinking even if the road could take longer than I have thought, I would have time to reach my destination in time.

Katari to Dudhauli Road – Bridge

Obviously, it is good to have such a beautiful road in our country that connects tarai region and hilly region; also provides an alternative route. However, I didn’t find that the route is shorter than the Itahari – Bardibas (East West Highway). In distance wise, I found roughly 180 km from Itahari to Bhiman, Sidhuli via new Gaighat – Katari road (Purbi Madhya Pahadi Lokmarga), which is approximately 15 km less than that of Itahari – Bardibas (East West Highway) but due to a stretched road in Itahari – Bardibas Highway, we can ride in pretty high speed. It took me nearly 4 hrs 30 min to reach Bhiman via new route.

To conclude, roads are very beautiful, as you can take your motorcycle, scooter or car without any hesitation.

Enjoy your ride.

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