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Chaudandigadhi Durbar, Udayapur travel in a motorcycle

Travel from: Itahari
Destination: Chaudandigadhi Durbar, Udayapur District
Time: Approx. 2 -2.5 hours,

Distance: Approx. 80 kms

I often get amazed when it comes to visiting such a historic place like Chaudandigadhi Durbar. Chaudandigadhi is a place that lies in Chaudandigadhi municipality of Udayapur district. There are many places to visit in Udayapur district and some of them have already been covered in Eastrider Kiran website and YouTube channel, so if you haven’t followed us yet, please do follow us for more moto-travel-vlogs and information. Also, we try to give and share our experience and information in blogs like this in a very informal way so that you can accumulate some more information prior to visiting such places.
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Chaudandigadhi, Durbar, Udayapur

Giving you a little contrast about the place, well, Udaypur district that currently lies in Eastern Nepal, Province 1 was under Sen dynasy long ago until Shah kings took over from them. The kingdom was then named as Chaudandi and Chaudandigadhi was their capital of the kingdom. It lies approximately at the 2,300 meters of altitude. The climate of there is quite cold that you love it. I thoroughly enjoyed my ride and time there though I visited in the month of Shrawan but, I strongly suggest you to not visit during the monsoon period, as the roads are very slipper and landslides everywhere.

Chaudandigadhi, Durbar

How far it is from Itahari? Well, if you want to go to this place from Itahari, it is approximately 80 KM and that takes nearly 2 hours of continuous ride. If you follow Purbi Madhya Pahadi Lokmarga, you do not necessarily require to reach Beltar as you can take North – South from Birendra Chowk. From Birendra Chowk, it takes around 45 min to 1 hour to reach the Chaudandigadhi Durbar. Roads are completely off from Birendra Chowk, so I don’t suggest you to take cars and scooters at least for this moment.

What can we expect from reaching at the top? Well, a mesmerizing view of Tarai, Koshi Tappu in one side (East) and a spectacular hilly region in another side (West) are so stunning that you can’t blink your eyes at least for a moment. Furthermore, the place is itself a historic place as we can see the traces of ancient walls and pillars.

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