Ek lockdown

Three important skills you should learn during lockdown

We all know that the world has been very competitive, and everyone is working so hard to be ahead of their competitors. Every second is important for us in our career building phase, so we have to utilize it pr...


Eastrider Kiran’s List of Vlogging/Motovlogging Equipment

Whenever we talk about vlogging, we often come across with a question that what sorts of gadgets are required? The answer is depending upon the contents that someone produces the type of gadgets (vlogging equip...

Riding alone in Nepal

Riding alone – Nepal

Seldom I write because most of the time I am busy with my work. What do I do? Well, I work as a full-time counsellor and a part-time youtuber. Even though I say I am a part-time youtuber, but I keep uploading v...

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